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How To Care For Mother’s Day Flowers

One of the most common days of the year where flowers are a gift is that of Mother’s Day. How can you not show up at your mother’s, grandmother’s or mother-in-law’s house without flowers? It’s been a tradition for as long as the day has been celebrated. Flowers are even given out to moms at restaurants, churches, synagogues and stores to celebrate all they do for family. Here are some tips on how to care for Mother’s Day flowers from Ali Garba.


Consider Gifting a Plant


Flowers are absolutely beautiful, but consider gifting a plant on Mother’s Day. Flowers might last for just a few days, but a plant can last anywhere from months to years, depending on how you care for them. One of the most common plants to give mom on Mother’s Day is the poinsettia. It can be wrapped much like a bouquet of flowers to provide the same look.


Hanging Baskets with Mixed Annuals


Hanging baskets with mixed annuals are a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day. These Mother’s Day flowers are easy to care for, according to Ali Garba. They can hang outside in the sun. Just be sure to water them daily so they receive plenty of nutrients to continue to grow.


Potted Geraniums


If you decide to give a potted geranium on Mother’s Day, you are giving your loved one a plant that can last for years if cared for appropriately. A potted geranium should be watered thoroughly, but make sure the previous watering has dried out completely. Fertilize the plant every two weeks during growing months. If the plant lasts into the winter, water is less frequently, but do not let the roots dry. Deadhead spent flowers in an effort to encourage blooming.


If you’re considering gifting flowers on Mother’s Day, take these tips from Ali Garba into consideration when making a choice on a flower or plant.